Sign. Accept. Manage.

Ultra-fast Document Execution Platform


RazorSign is a ready-to-use, secure, and encrypted platform that uses Public Key function code as the most verifiable standard for identifying individuals with their electronic signatures.


RazorSign is designed as a standalone solution. Due to its adaptability, it also functions as an integrated module of Razor365 Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). You can also use RazorSign API to integrate it with other enterprise systems. Please refer the comparison section for more details.


Standard Electronic Signatures (SES)

Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES)

E-Stamp Integration

Contract Repository

Search & Insights

Audit Trail with Location and Image


Paperless contracts and legal documents execution

Sign, store and search on the same platform

Ultra-fast, secure and cloud-based

Expandable and highly configurable


RazorSign is upgradable and scalable according to the business need.