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Empower Your Sales Team with CLM Solution

Accelerate your sales cycles with RazorSign, the preferred contract management tool for sales teams. Integrated with industry-leading CRMs, it speeds up negotiations and approvals, enabling faster cash collection and revenue recognition.

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Enhance your Sales Strategy with AI-Powered CLM Solution

Elevate your sales strategy with cutting-edge AI-powered Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution. Tailored for sales teams, RazorSign revolutionizes contract management by seamlessly integrating with your sales processes, accelerating deal cycles, and boosting revenue generation.

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Gain deep insights into your sales pipeline, identify bottlenecks, and optimize your sales performance. Robust security features and exceptional support to drive unparalleled success in your sales operations. Experience the difference and take your sales velocity to new heights.

Enhance your Sales Strategy with Razorsign's AI-Powered CLM Solution


Sales Team without CLM Software

Without contract management software, sales teams encounter numerous challenges that hinder effectiveness and revenue growth. These include inefficiencies and errors from manual processes, disorganization from contracts spread across various locations, and confusion due to version control issues.

Compliance risks arise from oversight, opportunities are missed due to slow turnaround times, and inaccurate revenue forecasting occurs due to lack of visibility.

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Negotiation timelines are affected by poor collaboration, optimization is limited by insufficient insights, security concerns are raised regarding data storage, and customer dissatisfaction can result from inconsistencies.

Manual Processes: Inefficiencies and errors lead to reduced productivity and increased mistakes.

Disorganization: Contracts spread across various locations cause confusion and compliance risks.

Slow Turnaround Times: Poor collaboration and version control issues impact negotiation timelines and revenue forecasting.


Sales Team with CLM Software

Embedding contract workflows into CRM for self-service agreement management involves integrating contract processes within Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to empower sales professionals.

This integration allows salespeople to manage agreements autonomously both before and after signing, handling the entire contract lifecycle within familiar CRM interfaces.

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By embedding contract workflows into CRM platforms, sales teams can efficiently create, track, and manage agreements, reducing reliance on legal or administrative support. This approach streamlines the sales process, enhances productivity, and enables sales professionals to focus on driving revenue and building client relationships.

Seamless Integration: Embedding contract workflows into CRM enables sales professionals to manage agreements autonomously.

Efficiency and Productivity: Efficiency and Productivity: Sales teams can handle the entire contract lifecycle within familiar CRM interfaces, reducing reliance on support.

Focus on Revenue: Focus on Revenue: Streamlined processes allow salespeople to concentrate on driving revenue and building client relationships.


Elevate Sales Process with CLM

RazorSign enhances sales team productivity by streamlining contract initiation, closure, and onboarding processes. It automates contract management, reduces deal closure time, and ensures error-free contracts, improving visibility and managing documents effortlessly.

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The Razor advantages include a Corporate Legal Operations Platform linking contracts to compliance, legal query assistance SenseAI, Contract Collaboration Software for redlining, and Contract Management Integrations for seamless data consistency across systems, minimizing manual work and maximizing efficiency.

RazorSign serves as a comprehensive solution, enabling sales teams to expedite sales processes, minimize errors, and improve overall efficiency, ultimately driving business growth and success.

Streamlined Processes: Automates contract management, reducing deal closure time and ensuring error-free contracts.

Advanced Tools: Includes Corporate Legal Operations Platform, SenseAI, and Contract Collaboration Software for enhanced efficiency.

Comprehensive Solution: Enables sales teams to expedite sales processes, minimize errors, and improve overall efficiency.

Sales Team Advantage

Implementing contract management software in your sales team streamlines contract creation, accelerates approval processes, and ensures compliance, ultimately boosting productivity and closing deals faster. It provides a centralized repository for contracts, enhances collaboration among team members, and offers real-time insights for informed decision-making, leading to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

Accelerate Deal Closure

Automated tracking and detailed analytics ensure compliance and mitigate risks.

Seamless Onboarding

Impress clients with a fast, tech-driven onboarding process, simplifying tasks and strengthening relationships effortlessly.

Revenue Growth

Never miss opportunities with automated renewals and updates, ensuring continuous business momentum and revenue growth.

Flawless Integration

RazorSign integrates with many other core business and productivity solutions to significantly enhance the user experience.

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Contract Management Functions FAQ


Businesses aim to boost revenue, increase profit margins, improve sales efficiency, and shorten sales cycles. This allows sales teams more time for bigger deals, meeting revenue goals faster. Managing sales contracts efficiently is crucial for cutting down sales cycles. Sales teams often handle contract lifecycles alongside their sales duties, requiring coordination across systems and collaboration with various stakeholders. Without a smooth process that fosters transparency and teamwork with legal teams, contract management can slow things down. To speed up sales cycles, modern businesses use effective contract management strategies.

The contract stage is the most crucial and eagerly anticipated part of the sales process. It is essential to act quickly during this stage, as any delays in finding the latest contract version, waiting for legal approval, or negotiating can put the deal at risk. To overcome these obstacles and expedite the process, Sales heads can implement streamlined contract processes. According to research, organizations can reduce contract approval time by 82% and sales cycles by 24% by streamlining their contract processes. Just imagine the significant time and cost savings of getting a contract signed in only 3 to 4 days instead of a month. This not only enhances the customer experience but also increases the likelihood of more business transactions. Utilizing a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) tool can greatly enhance this journey by providing the necessary features for optimal productivity and success for your sales teams.

Here are some key steps for effective sales contract management:
1. Assess your current contract management process.
2. Get a good contract management tool.
3. Create pre-approved contract templates.
4. Set up efficient approval workflows.
5. Integrate your contract management with CRM.
6. Track and analyze contract performance.

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