Modern Approach to Legal Matter Management

Effortlessly manage all your internal and external matters with unmatched efficiency and transparency. Our platform provides comprehensive tools that streamline matter tracking, enhance operational control, and ensure a seamless management experience.

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Experience how Simple Managing your Matters can be

Take control of your company and entity matters with our state-of-the-art matter and case management platform. Centralize and automate your legal processes, consolidate your data, and manage your legal spending more effectively. Our system allows you to handle all types of matters and cases, complete with related documents and expenses, on a single secure platform.

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Enhance Collaboration

Elevate your team's collaboration with clear visibility into who’s involved and their roles across different matter types. Our integrated task management system keeps you informed of statuses and pending tasks, ensuring efficient and streamlined teamwork.

Align with Strategic Goals

Track every matter through its entire lifecycle to make informed decisions on staffing, budgets, and vendor selection. This capability helps you align your legal operations with your organization's strategic objectives, ensuring optimal resource allocation and decision-making.

Standardize your Processes

Establish consistent and reliable workflows by configuring processes for matter intake and management. Simplify matter creation and tracking, and enforce standardized procedures across all legal operations for greater efficiency and consistency.

Beyond the Basics

Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of features to enhance your legal operations.

Features to Enhance Legal Operations

Manage every aspect of your legal matters from inception to resolution. Our software supports the entire lifecycle of legal cases, ensuring no detail is overlooked and providing a seamless workflow for your legal team.

Keep a tight rein on your legal expenses with robust spend management tools. Automate your billing processes, track expenditures in real-time, and ensure complete transparency and accountability in your legal financials.

Never miss a critical date again with automated case tracking. Our system monitors case timelines, automatically updates next steps, and sends reminders for important deadlines, helping you stay on top of every case.

Streamline your approval processes with customizable workflows. Ensure that all necessary approvals are obtained efficiently, reducing bottlenecks and maintaining a smooth flow of operations.

Assign, track, and manage tasks with precision. Our platform helps you monitor deadlines and task completion, ensuring that your team stays productive and all critical activities are completed on time.

Securely store and manage all your legal documents in one place. Our document repository provides easy access, robust search capabilities, and ensures that all your files are organized and protected.

Integrate your legal calendar with automated reminders for all your key dates and appointments. Keep your schedule organized and never miss an important meeting or court date.

Gain actionable insights with our powerful dashboard and analytics tools. Monitor key metrics, track performance, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your legal operations.

The Advantage of a Modern Approach

A modern approach to legal matter management covers all internal legal processes, from research and claims to compliance, disputes, litigation, contracts, and intellectual property. By managing these internally, organizations can better prioritize and allocate work, leveraging the skills of in-house lawyers or shared service teams. This not only optimizes efficiency but also reduces costs by minimizing reliance on external counsel.

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Trusted by Thousands of Users who Choose Simplicity Over Complexity

CLM Client Feedback
  • “We are using RazorSign Contract Management Solution and we are quite impressed with its utility and performance. This is really simple to implement and operate as well. It has made our contract management process really simple with many additional utilities like reminders for renewals, escalation, expiry alerts, etc.”

    Mr. Taher Ali,
    Epic’s Group Head (Legal and Secretarial)
  • “We are very pleased with RazorSign for helping us with our contract management needs. Its simple UI, unique features, and regular enhancements have positively impacted our output manifolds. We can easily manage our contracts and quickly access our contracts and their critical tasks and deadlines. We have been using RazorSign for many years and it has helped us save a tremendous amount of time and effort.”

    Vaishali Lotlikar,
    Vice President Legal, Wanbury
  • “We’ve been using RazorSign (aka PracticeLeague) platform for over 4 years to track, manage and automate our internal and regulatory Compliances, all Contracts, and Intellectual Properties across 25+ countries. The platform has helped us significantly, especially in centralizing and automating our legal and compliance portfolio in its entirety along with critical dashboards and reports.”

    Shweta Gujar Mane,
    Manager- Legal, Mega Lifesciences
  • “RazorSign has helped us automate the way we manage our contracts and has increased our output by reducing manual efforts and errors. We have been able to implement and benefit from the best practices shared by the team. The team has helped us through these times by providing an excellent platform with good service.”

    Hena Datta,
    Legal Head, MediBuddy
  • “At PepsiCo India, dozens of plant accountants and their coordinators receive letters from various authorities. With RazorSign, these documents are uploaded immediately upon receipt, enhancing near real-time visibility and tracking of statutory communications. This enables our corporate teams to efficiently address issues.”

    Payal Khanna,
    Former Associate Director, PepsiCo India Legal
Contract Management Functions FAQ


Matter Management & Case Management Software help legal teams manage all legal issues – matters and cases – on a digital platform. It keeps a record of all the matters / cases, their related documents, and auto-updates case status from relevant court rulings online. This means, lawyers can easily search the case, documents, filing etc without any time wasted, and never have to worry about missing dates or updating the ruling details.

Matter management refers to all the tasks that a corporate legal department carries out in the course of its operations. A matter can range from responding to a legal notice to fulfilling legal obligations related to acquiring an entire company. Case management, on the other hand, encompasses a range of activities involved in resolving a specific legal dispute. This includes drafting and filing legal documents, conducting research, organizing case information, generating litigation reports, handling billing and invoicing, and collaborating with other lawyers working on the same case.

RazorSign is very easy to use as the software is very lightweight, with a simple yet attractive UI and native integrated modules, which speed up the customer experience. The entire application is very intuitive, and is a simple select and click functionality based, with a comprehensive menu specially designed for easy execution.

While generic project management software can be useful for managing tasks and deadlines, legal matter management software is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of legal teams. This type of software typically includes features such as document management, time tracking, billing, and matter-specific workflows.

1. Manage & track matters in one secured place
2. Available on either desktop or mobile
3. Automated reminders & Alerts
4. Automated case updates
5. Manage related documents
6. Track payments
7. Manage expenses and budgets

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