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Experience a comprehensive and enhanced solution for all your contract needs. Our platform streamlines the entire process from requesting and authoring to negotiating, collaborating, signing, searching, and analyzing. Elevate your efficiency and control with our all-in-one contract lifecycle management software.

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Experience how Simple Managing your Contracts can be

Automate the entire contract process from request to drafting. Speed up creation, eliminate redundancies, and save time, costs, and effort. Centralized contract repository ensures no missed deadlines or under/over-performing obligations. Enjoy full visibility with a powerful dashboard and reports. Now, empower your contracts with an end-to-end AI-powered CLM. Introducing SensAI, a suite of AI solutions for in-house legal teams. From drafting to clause improvement, our platform streamlines and transform legal operations.

Efficient Contract Management Automation

Efficient Contract Automation

Automate the entire contract lifecycle, from contract request to drafting, reducing manual steps and speeding up the creation process. This not only saves time but also reduces costs and effort.

Centralized Contract Repository

Centralized storage ensures that all contracts are easily accessible, eliminating the risk of missed deadlines and over/under-performing obligations. Gain a clear view of all vital aspects of your contracts, enhancing overall efficiency.

AI-Powered Optimization

Our Integrated Multi-AI Platform, SensAI, offers a complete package of AI tools for contract drafting, clause improvement, and more. This advanced technology transforms contract handling, giving your team a competitive edge and freeing them for strategic initiatives.

Beyond the Basics

Our Razorsign platform offers a comprehensive suite of features to enhance your legal operations.

Features to Enhance Legal Operations

Experience the efficiency of automated contract generation with our user-friendly template wizard. Simplify authoring and reduce delays, enhancing productivity and precision without the legal workload.

Experience the efficiency of automated contract generation with our user-friendly template wizard. Simplify authoring and reduce delays, enhancing productivity and precision without the legal workload.

Transform manual documentation into streamlined workflows that expedite approvals and ensure faster contract finalization. Manage critical items and obligations efficiently to minimize errors and enhance productivity.

Track contractual risks diligently with comprehensive assessment tools. Highlight deviations, rate clauses, and take corrective actions to safeguard your business

Utilize AI-powered search capabilities to quickly find relevant contracts, tasks, emails, comments, and more, ensuring efficient information retrieval and management.

Leverage SensAI for contract review and analysis, gaining insights to support informed decisions and enhance contract management efficiency.

The Advantage of a Modern Approach

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software optimizes business operations by automating contract processes from creation to renewal. It centralizes contract storage, enhancing visibility and control over obligations and deadlines while reducing compliance risks and manual errors. CLM software accelerates workflows, saves time and costs, promotes collaboration, and provides valuable analytics for informed decision-making. Implementing CLM software empowers businesses to streamline operations, mitigate risks, and maximize efficiency across the organization.

Advantages of modern approach for contract management tool

Trusted by Thousands of Users who Choose Simplicity Over Complexity

CLM Client Feedback
  • “We are using RazorSign Contract Management Solution and we are quite impressed with its utility and performance. This is really simple to implement and operate as well. It has made our contract management process really simple with many additional utilities like reminders for renewals, escalation, expiry alerts, etc.”

    Mr. Taher Ali,
    Epic’s Group Head (Legal and Secretarial)
  • “We are very pleased with RazorSign for helping us with our contract management needs. Its simple UI, unique features, and regular enhancements have positively impacted our output manifolds. We can easily manage our contracts and quickly access our contracts and their critical tasks and deadlines. We have been using RazorSign for many years and it has helped us save a tremendous amount of time and effort.”

    Vaishali Lotlikar,
    Vice President Legal, Wanbury
  • “We’ve been using RazorSign (aka PracticeLeague) platform for over 4 years to track, manage and automate our internal and regulatory Compliances, all Contracts, and Intellectual Properties across 25+ countries. The platform has helped us significantly, especially in centralizing and automating our legal and compliance portfolio in its entirety along with critical dashboards and reports.”

    Shweta Gujar Mane,
    Manager- Legal, Mega Lifesciences
  • “RazorSign has helped us automate the way we manage our contracts and has increased our output by reducing manual efforts and errors. We have been able to implement and benefit from the best practices shared by the team. The team has helped us through these times by providing an excellent platform with good service.”

    Hena Datta,
    Legal Head, MediBuddy
  • “At PepsiCo India, dozens of plant accountants and their coordinators receive letters from various authorities. With RazorSign, these documents are uploaded immediately upon receipt, enhancing near real-time visibility and tracking of statutory communications. This enables our corporate teams to efficiently address issues.”

    Payal Khanna,
    Former Associate Director, PepsiCo India Legal
Contract Management Functions FAQ


Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software is used to efficiently create, collaborate, approve, store, and manage contracts. It ensures compliance, reduces risks, and helps organizations track key dates, renewals, and costs. CLM software integrates with other systems, offers security, and generates valuable insights for better contract management.

Contract automation software is a type of technology that automates the creation, management, and processing of contracts. It uses predefined templates, standardized clauses, and rules to streamline the contract lifecycle. This software helps organizations generate contracts faster, reduce errors, and enhance efficiency by automating repetitive tasks like data entry and approval workflows. It can also facilitate contract collaboration , storage, tracking, and compliance, ultimately improving the overall contract management process.

You can measure ROI from Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) by comparing the cost savings, efficiency improvements, and risk reduction achieved through CLM software against the initial investment in the software and ongoing operational costs.

Discover essential features when selecting CLM software. Opt for user-friendly interfaces, robust tracking, and seamless integration capabilities. Ensure compliance with customizable tools. Find the perfect CLM solution tailored to your business needs for efficient contract management.

Selecting the right CLM solution is crucial. Consider your unique needs, scalability, and integration capabilities. Explore how our CLM solution aligns with your business goals, providing a tailored approach for efficient contract management.

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