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Diwanshu A.

Senior Executive Enterprise

“Entire Lifecycle of contracts can be managed on a single tool from template till execution”

Associate Project Manager

Consumer Goods

"Great Legal and Contract Management Software, easily customized to business needs"

Sagar A.


"Simple, Fast and Easy E-signatures on our documents"

Nikita B.


“Effective contract lifecycle management tool for automation of your entire contract execution process”

Chandralekha D.


“This is a user friendly software for legal and business users”

Sagar A.


"Simple, Fast and Easy E-signatures on our documents"

Nimish S.


"Very good tool and user friendly"

An efficient CLM like RazorSign can be a strong value add for sales teams by reducing the time consumed in initiating, closing and onboarding formalities. These formalities include documenting basic formalities, commitments on either side, and timelines for onboarding a new party, closing a deal with a customer, or after-sales requirements.

To achieve faster, more accurate sales processes, use RazorSign to:

Contract Generation

Automate Contract Generation

deal closure

Reduce Time Taken for Deal Closure

managing contract document

Smooth Fast Document Handling

error-free contracts

Error-free Contracts

Contract management Process

Simplify & Accelerate the Entire Process

improve contract visibility

Increase Transparency & Visibility

Key Advantages

  • Faster Cycle Time to Deal Closure: Use our self-service contracting, with pre-approved standard templates from within your CRM. No more waiting on internal approvals! Follow-up with excellent online collaboration, and close with instant digital signatures. Eliminate all time-wasting steps in the older processes – switch to RazorSign!
  • Achieve Improved Customer Relationships: Welcome your customers onboard with a smart, smooth and rapid technology-driven process that takes next to no time, simplifies tasks and reduces effort!
  • Enhanced Revenue Opportunities: Never miss any business due to renewals, agreement updates, etc. Be on the go always, keep the business going at speed!
Key Advantages of Contract Sales Management

Unlock Efficiency And Empower Your Legal Department With Our AI-Driven CLM Solution

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Sales Onboarding Process:

Simple 3-step process for fast onboarding of new customers!

The Razor Advantages

Legal Operations Platform CLM Helps the Sales Team to Close the Deal

Corporate Legal Operations Platform

Now your sales contracts link automatically to related compliances, documents, and even matters & disputes should they arise. No more hunting around when in need!

Generative AI in Contract Management


An innovative multi-AI platform that ensures legal has the best options to provide sales teams with preapproved and preconfigured contracts for business functions.

Contract Management Workdesk


A work queue, a dashboard, a calendar, a task manager – all at once. Your space to manage your complete workload in one place.

Contract Collaboration Software


A must-have tool for legal teams to redline, track and version documents while using contract playbooks, tracking deviations and rating risks.

Contract Management Integrations


Seamless integration with core business systems and productivity tools ensuring data consistency, minimizing manual work, and maximizing efficiency.

Flawless Integration

RazorSign integrates with many other core business and productivity solutions to significantly enhance the user experience.

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Benefits of CLM for Sales contract management:

The Problem

  • Manual contract requisition process and increased data entry
  • Inability to collaborate with various stakeholders due to manual systems
  • Delay in contract/clause approvals, manual follow-ups, and scattered history
  • Long client onboarding process
  • No visibility of contract status

The Solution

  • Integration with Sales CRM to automate contract requisition with standard forms for faster transactions
  • Online collaboration with finance, legal and other stakeholders for quicker resolutions and turnaround times
  • No manual entry of clauses, terms, etc – ensuring errors of omission and commitment
    are reduced to a bare minimum
  • Significantly faster client onboarding using streamlined contract requisition, review, approval, drafting, negotiation, versioning and signing
  • Real-time contract status tracking with updated, compared, and versioned documents

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