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Diwanshu A.

Senior Executive Enterprise

“Entire Lifecycle of contracts can be managed on a single tool from template till execution”

Associate Project Manager

Consumer Goods

"Great Legal and Contract Management Software, easily customized to business needs"

Sagar A.


"Simple, Fast and Easy E-signatures on our documents"

Nikita B.


“Effective contract lifecycle management tool for automation of your entire contract execution process”

Chandralekha D.


“This is a user friendly software for legal and business users”

Sagar A.


"Simple, Fast and Easy E-signatures on our documents"

Nimish S.


"Very good tool and user friendly"

Streamline vendor onboarding with contract lifecycle management for efficient negotiations, compliance, and risk reduction. Benefit from clear commitments and improved transparency, ensuring a win-win for all parties involved. Get a CLM system in your organization to benefit from:

CLM trend-backed negotiations in Procurement management

Strong data and trend
backed negotiations
and required terms

Understanding Procurement Contracts

Enforce policies, terms
and guidelines in
procurement contracts

Contract Obligation Management with Reminder Alerts

Realtime monitoring
of obligations,
tasks, renewals

Improving procurement and contract management processes

Stonger compliances, and reduced risk

Key Advantages

  • Enhance Supply Chain Resilience: Automate renewals, ensure transparency in deliveries, and rely on data-driven operations to build vendor trust, reduce supply disruptions during renewals.
  • Save Procurement Cost: Leverage organization-wide trends for cost savings by securing better rates and higher-quality supplies while proactively addressing issues to prevent line breakdowns.
  • Build An Agile Response Function: An automated, transparent, and cost-effective supply chain is adaptable, ensuring procurement's ability to respond rapidly to changing requirements.
Benefits of Procurement Contract Management

Unlock Efficiency And Empower Your Legal Department With Our AI-Driven CLM Solution

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Vendor Onboarding Process:

Simple 3-step Process for fast onboarding of new customers!

The Razor Advantages

Legal Operations Platform

Corporate Legal Operations Platform

Now your procurement contracts link to related compliances, documents, matters & disputes – meaning ease of operation as well as resolution.

Generative AI CLM platform


An innovative multi-AI platform that ensures legal has the best options to provide procurement teams with preapproved and preconfigured contract templates for their various contract types.

Contract Management Workdesk


A work queue, a dashboard, a calendar, a task manager – all at once. Your space to manage your complete workload in one place.

Unlock Efficiency with Contract Collaboration Software


A must have tool for legal teams to redline, track and version documents while using contract playbooks, tracking deviations and rating risks.

contract management integrations


Seamless integration with core business systems and productivity tools ensuring data consistency, minimizing manual work, and maximizing efficiency.

Flawless Integration

RazorSign integrates with many other core business and productivity solutions to significantly enhance the user experience.

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Benefits of Procurement Management:

The Problem

  • Time taken to close procurement deals and terms finalization
  • Delays in approvals for complex or high value contracts
  • Hard to keep track of distributed contracts or versions
  • Lack of needed information to build relationship with vendors
  • Distributed and manual compliance issues leading to risk of penalties

The Solution

  • Pre-approved contract templates with real-time negotiation & edit / comment support
  • Automated e-signature based multi-level approval flows
  • Centralized repository of all contracts and related documents
  • Tracking of deadlines, terms etc, ensuring smooth vendor relationships
  • Compliance task allocation & reminders, thereby moderating compliance risk

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