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Diwanshu A.

Senior Executive Enterprise

“Entire Lifecycle of contracts can be managed on a single tool from template till execution”

Associate Project Manager

Consumer Goods

"Great Legal and Contract Management Software, easily customized to business needs"

Sagar A.


"Simple, Fast and Easy E-signatures on our documents"

Nikita B.


“Effective contract lifecycle management tool for automation of your entire contract execution process”

Chandralekha D.


“This is a user friendly software for legal and business users”

Sagar A.


"Simple, Fast and Easy E-signatures on our documents"

Nimish S.


"Very good tool and user friendly"

Automate, streamline, and augment your legal processes and workflows across the entire organization. Single window secure view of all contracts, cases, compliances etc category-wise and department-wise, gaining complete visibility & insights. Enable multiple department operations with a single repository for data and user services across workflows for accurate reporting, faster delivery of legal services, and data-driven insights to help legal become the next business enablers of the organization.

Legal Matter Management Software

End-to-End Matter

Simple Contract Lifecycle Management for legal team

End-to-End Contract
Lifecycle Management

Legal Query Management Software for legal team

Automated Legal Queue

Legal Enterprise Spend Management Software for legal team

Spend Comparison

 Legal Compliance Management Software for legal team

Compliance Dashboard

The Modern Contract Repository for legal team

Centralized Document Repository

Key Advantages

  • Optimized Workflows: Configure a seamless set of workflows from document creation to execution & management as per your business needs, lessening your manual workload and ensuring smooth process flows.
  • Full Integration: Tap into the advantage of full integration with the business – with legal fully integrated into business systems, with configured workflows to assist business teams, delivering faster execution of your department KPI's.
  • Single Source of Truth: Create a single centralized secure and access-controlled source of all legal data. All matters and related documents, all contracts from NDA's to master agreements, all compliance related reports etc in one reliable source.
Benefits of Contract Lifecycle Management

Unlock Efficiency And Empower Your Legal Department With Our AI-Driven CLM Solution

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Inhouse legal process simplification:

The Razor Advantages

Corporate Legal OP’s Platform

Corporate Legal Operations Platform

One solution for legal technology needs – matters, contracts, expenses, documents, compliances, and much more.

Generative AI Platform for CLM


An innovative multi-AI platform that harnesses the power of leading engines to deliver unmatched solutions while future-proofing your investment.

CLM AI legal assistant


A revolutionary legal assistant designed to help you share your workload by reviewing, extracting and generating content.

Contract Mgmt Workdesk


A work queue, a dashboard, a calendar, a task manager – all at once. Your space to manage your complete workload in one place.

Contract Management Software with Collaboration Tools


A must-have tool for legal teams to redline, track and version documents while using contract playbooks, tracking deviations and rating risks.

contract management methodology


A combination of technology and domain experience that has helped over 100+ clients achieve their goals.

 Contract Integration: Ensuring Seamless Business Processes


Seamless integration with core business systems and productivity tools ensuring data consistency, minimizing manual work, and maximizing efficiency.

Flawless Integration

RazorSign integrates with many other core business and productivity solutions to significantly enhance the user experience.

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Benefits of Legal Management:

The Problem

  • Unstructured, manual legal requests and approvals
  • Delay in approvals, manual follow-ups, and scattered history
  • Inability to collaborate with various stakeholders due to manual systems
  • Slow and manual contract signing and execution process
  • Missed contractual obligations, terms, benefits, renewals, risk of delays in compliance requirements

The Solution

  • Automated contract request forms with rule-based approvals
  • Legally approved templates with email workflows and version tracking
  • Online collaboration for faster resolutions
  • Electronic signatures for a paperless process
  • Automated matter updates and contract deadline alerts

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