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Our client list speaks for itself. Since our earliest days, we have helped countless businesses to streamline their contract management processes, saving time and resources while minimizing risk. We are excited to continue serving with even more innovative solutions and personalized support.

Futuristic Contract Collaboration

Review your contract draft with the other party in real time with RazorSign! Make changes, add comments, suggest alterations, or mark for comments/approval process from with the contract. Incorporate other party's view in a transparent negotiation conducted online in a secure controlled setting – speeding up the entire process! Not only that, the contract can be sent for approvals directly, and onwards to execution.

  • No waiting for reverts to emails – just coordinate a time, get online and get it done!
  • Secure setting with pre-approved participants to ensure rapid execution!
  • Multiple party collaboration in real time – view, redraft, edit, comment or mark for approval!
  • Seamless integration into approval workflows and e-signature for instant execution!
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Futuristic Contract Collaboration Software

Seamless Approvals & Native e-Signature

Once all terms and clauses have been finalized between signing parties – simply mark for the concerned approvals in a pre-defined single-stage or multi-step approval workflow. The approver gets an instant message for approval. After approval, just send a mail to the other party for the executing the contract through the e-Sign tool.

  • Get rapid approvals in real time
  • Secure, access controlled dependable setting
  • Inbuilt e-signature options as well as third-party eSign integrations
  • Do away with the waiting time between stages!
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Enhanced Inter-party Trust and Internal Teamwork

RazorSign’s collaboration facilities will help build a strong foundation of trust between all your contractual partners, arising from the transparent and clear process of contract finalization. The icing on the cake – this will ensure strong teamwork internally between the legal and other business functions as they begin to reap the advantages of rapid execution with higher accuracy!

  • Private comments to select team members to ensure prior concurrence
  • Comments on clauses, terms in real-time for the other party to respond
  • Respond, or accept changes instantly – ensuring speed of negotiation
  • Fast execution to further save time, making for a best-in-class onboarding experience
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Contract Approvals & Native E-Signature
Legal collaboration


Collaborate with internal users,
as well as external parties

Contract Drafting


Instant in-draft editing and
review of contract or specific clauses

Contract Clauses

Clause Library

Access and insert your standard
terms and fallback clauses 

Contract Execution Process


Annotate comments,
mark users for approval

Contract tracking software


Automated change
tracking and audit trail 

Contract Execution and Approval


Send specific segments for
approval to relevant stakeholders 

Contract security management


Instant in-draft editing and
review of contract or specific clauses

Effective Contract Management for Best Practices


Share secure document link
with other party for online access

Contract privacy Management


Hide comments/mark-ups when
sharing with external stakeholders

Additional Features

Free Editor Contract Template Contract Editing
Online Virtual Contract Management Video Call
Text Search and Replace for your contracts Text Search and Replace
CLM record integration Record Interactions

Frequently Asked Questions

Collaborative Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) encompasses various contract types, including procurement contracts, sales contracts, service agreements, and partnership contracts. These contracts involve multiple parties working together throughout their lifecycle, from negotiation and drafting to execution and management, with a focus on optimizing collaboration, compliance, and efficiency across a range of industries and sectors.

Collaborative Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) hinges on three crucial aspects: real-time collaboration, ensuring transparent and visible contract lifecycles, and maintaining rigorous version control and audit trails. These elements collectively drive efficient and effective contract negotiation, management, and compliance across all stakeholders involved.

Leveraging contract management software offers four key avenues to enhance contract collaboration. It streamlines communication among stakeholders, ensuring real-time collaboration, allows for efficient document sharing and tracking, enforces standardized approval workflows, and provides a comprehensive platform for centralized, accessible contract data, ultimately boosting the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire contract management process.

Negotiating a CLM collaboration agreement: Set clear objectives, define roles, establish robust communication, address data security, and maintain flexibility for potential changes, with legal guidance as necessary.

CLM collaboration agreements are not always legally required, but they are highly advisable. These agreements serve to define the terms, expectations, and responsibilities of parties involved in a collaborative contract management initiative. They help mitigate disputes, outline data handling, security, and compliance measures, and offer legal protection in case of disagreements or issues during the collaboration. While not always a strict legal necessity, they are essential for clear, smooth, and secure collaborative contract management efforts.

Contract Lifecycle Management FAQs