Contract Request
Contract Request

Accelerate Contracts Approval with Easy Requests

Simplify contract approval and management from start to finish. Automate your workflow, track contracts in real-time, and effortlessly ensure compliance.

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Simplify Contract Requests for your Teams!

Empower your business users to request contracts effortlessly from anywhere with our simplified and user-friendly forms. With RazorSign, create easy request forms with customizable fields tailored to each request and contract type. Users answer just a few questions to generate an instant contract request. Plus, they can request contracts via email or directly through their CRMs or procurement systems. Experience seamless contract requests with RazorSign.

Real-Time Tracking and Notifications

With RazorSign's real-time tracking and notifications feature, you can stay updated on the status of your contract requests and approvals effortlessly.

Our system provides instant notifications via email or within the platform, ensuring you never miss a critical deadline or action item.

Timely Updates: Receive real-time notifications regarding the progress of your contract requests, approvals, and any pending actions.

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Enhanced Visibility: Gain insights into the current status of contracts, allowing for better decision-making and prioritization.

Improved Accountability: Hold stakeholders accountable with automated reminders and notifications, reducing delays and bottlenecks in the approval process.

Customizable Alerts: Tailor notifications to your preferences, ensuring you receive alerts for the events that matter most to you.

Contract real-time tracking

Integrated E-Signature Capability

Experience the convenience and security of electronic signatures with RazorSign's integrated E-signature capability.

Our platform seamlessly integrates with leading e-signature providers, allowing you to finalize contracts with ease, from anywhere, at any time.

Effortless Signing: Sign contracts electronically within the RazorSign platform, eliminating the need for manual signatures and paperwork.

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Secure Authentication: Ensure the authenticity and integrity of your contracts with advanced encryption and authentication measures.

Compliance Assurance: Meet regulatory requirements and industry standards with legally binding electronic signatures.

Faster Turnaround: Expedite the contract signing process and accelerate deal closures with instant electronic signatures.

Contract integrated e-signature

Document Versioning and History

We offer robust document versioning and history capabilities to help you track and manage contract revisions effectively.

With comprehensive version control and audit trails, you can ensure transparency, compliance, and accountability throughout the contract approval process.

Version Control: Keep track of all contract revisions and changes with automatic versioning, ensuring you always have access to the latest document.

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Audit Trails: Access detailed logs of all modifications, including the date, time, and user responsible for each change, providing a complete audit trail for compliance purposes.

Historical Access: Easily retrieve previous versions of contracts for reference or comparison, enabling informed decision-making and dispute resolution.

Enhanced Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration among stakeholders by enabling seamless document sharing and version tracking, reducing confusion and errors.

Contract revisions
Contract Management Functions FAQ


A contract approval workflow is a structured process for reviewing, revising, and approving contracts within an organization.

It involves drafting, internal review, negotiation, approval, signing, execution, and ongoing management of contracts to ensure compliance and minimize risks.

RazorSign simplifies the contract request process through its digital platform, enabling users to submit requests seamlessly, access pre-designed templates for rapid contract creation, collaborate on editing in real-time, and automate approval workflows.

With electronic signatures and real-time tracking, it expedites the signing process and enhances visibility and accountability. Its integration capabilities further streamline operations, offering a comprehensive solution to contract management needs.

During the contract request stage, your business initiates the process of exploring potential contractual agreements and thoroughly examining the necessary criteria, motivations, and anticipated outcomes for the contract. This phase entails defining the specific type of contract needed and identifying its essential elements.

Considering the wide range of contracts available, it is crucial to adopt a targeted approach to effectively communicate your objectives. This approach enables your team to meticulously design a contract that aligns precisely with the requester's needs.

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