Contract Editor
Contract Editor

Streamline Contract Collaboration with Online Editor 2.0

Effortlessly manage redlining and revisions, simplifying contract editing and negotiation, without requiring counter parties to use the same tool.

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Effortless Contract Editing a Game Changer for Businesses

Discover the upgraded Contract editor with improved comments and mentions, along with a smoother contract-saving process. Enjoy a redesigned interface for seamless comment threads and replies. Easily categorize comments as external or internal with a simple toggle. With our online editor, you can now edit, share, approve and collaborate over documents online in real time, without the need of learning a new tool.

Edit Agreements Online in Real Time

Collaborative editing in real-time facilitates a seamless contract turnaround process, ensuring that all parties can review and make necessary changes simultaneously.

This leads to increased efficiency, as edits can be made swiftly without the delays associated with traditional offline editing methods.

Edit Agreement

Collaborate with Multiple Parties

By enabling multiparty collaboration, our online editor fosters teamwork across different departments and stakeholders involved in the contract process.

This collaborative environment streamlines communication and decision-making, reducing the time taken to finalize agreements and obtain necessary approvals.

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The ability to add inline comments allows for clear and transparent communication during the contract review process.

These comments can be marked as internal communication to maintain confidentiality when discussing sensitive information within the organization.

This feature enhances collaboration and ensures that all concerns or suggestions are addressed effectively.

Contract Collaboration

Track Workflows with an Extensive Audit Trail

Our editor provides a comprehensive audit trail that allows you to monitor and track the progress of workflows in real-time.

This visibility into the contract management process ensures accountability and transparency, enabling you to identify bottlenecks and address any issues promptly.

By keeping a check on linked approvals, you gain insights into the status of each contract and can take necessary actions to expedite the process.

Contract workflow

Deviation Tracking

With the ability to analyze risks associated with contracts using a simple self-assessment form, you can proactively identify and mitigate potential deviations from agreed-upon terms.

This proactive approach to risk management helps safeguard your organization from costly disputes or non-compliance issues, ensuring smoother contract execution.

Contract Tracking

Manage and Track Agreement Versioning

Our editor simplifies the process of managing and tracking different versions of contracts, allowing you to refer back to previous versions as needed.

This version control feature ensures that all parties are working with the most up-to-date contract terms, minimizing confusion, and reducing the risk of errors or discrepancies.

Contract Management Agreement

Easy Sharing with Internal and External Parties

Instant sharing of agreements for preview and approvals streamlines the collaboration process with internal and external stakeholders.

This seamless sharing mechanism ensures that all relevant parties have timely access to the necessary documents, expediting the contract lifecycle and reducing administrative overhead.

Contract Management Functions FAQ


A contract editor is a tool or software that allows users to create, edit, and manage contracts digitally. It provides features like templates, clause libraries, and customization options to streamline the contract drafting process. Users can add or modify contract terms, and collaborate with team members to review and finalize contracts efficiently. The contract editor also helps ensure compliance with legal standards and tracks versions for easy reference and auditing.

The RazorSign contract editor is user-friendly with an intuitive design, drag-and-drop functionality, customizable templates, real-time collaboration, version control, and mobile optimization. Non-technical users can navigate easily, modify templates, collaborate in real-time, and track changes effortlessly, ensuring efficient contract management.

The contract editor ensures accuracy and legal compliance through predefined templates, automated checks for errors and missing information, version control for tracking changes, legal review workflows, and integration with compliance tools. Templates and guidelines based on legal standards ensure correct structure and essential clauses.

Also, contract redlining in contract editing platforms streamlines operations by tracking changes, enhancing collaboration, and ensuring accuracy. It allows users to identify modifications easily, facilitating efficient negotiation and communication among stakeholders. With real-time tracking of edits and comments, redlining minimizes errors, speeds up the contract lifecycle, and promotes smoother operation processes overall.

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