By combining e-Sign and Contract Repository with Contract Generation and Automation functionality you can not only execute and manage contracts, but also, create contracts instantly using your own templates.


Configure as many contract templates as you need to instantly create contracts and send them for signing using our integration eSign framework.

Unlimited DIY Contract Templates


Add Company Logo in Contracts

Add Company Stamp in Contracts


Once your contract templates are configured, you can automate contract generation by sending links to your internal stakeholders or external parties. Using a simple contract generation wizard, multiple parties can generate contracts, which are then processed and sent for signatures.


Contract Repository

Search & Insights

(Qualified and Standard)

e-Sign Automation

Create Unlimited Agreement Templates

Configure Automated Workflows

Personalize Agreements with Other Party Information

Send Secure Links Via Email

Configurable Display and Agreement Formats

Enable Safe Online Viewing of Agreements

Seek Active Affirmation (Acceptanceor Consent)

Replace Affirmations with Electronic Signatures (optional)

Record Affirmation with Verifiable Audit Trail

Enable Version Control or Link Related Agreements

Track Amendments or Changes with Reaffirmations)

Link Ecommerce Transactions

Snapshot of Other Party Screens (Desktop or Mobile)

Early Warning Reminders for Expiry, Termination or Renewals

Administrator Dashboard

General Counsel / Legal Dashboard

Snapshot of Other Party Screens (Desktop or Mobile)