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In a world where complexity reigns supreme, we believe in the power of simplicity. Our mission is to make the lives of legal professionals easier by providing straightforward solutions to their most pressing challenges.

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Understanding Occam's Razor Philosophy

Occam's Razor is a problem solving principle suggesting that the simplest solution is often the best. How can this philosophy benefit corporate legal teams? The philosophy of Occam's Razor favouring the simplest solution can bring efficiency and clarity to corporate legal departments.

If You Can Do It Why Not Tech?

We offer a simple and complete legal solution on a unified platform

Simplify your Experience with Us!

Quick Implementation

Experience swift onboarding and seamless integration with our dedicated focus on efficient implementation, delivering results promptly.

Contract Drafting

Integrated Ecosystem

We tackle and overcome your contract, legal operations, and compliance requirements to enable seamless collaboration, centralized information, data sharing, consolidated reports and much more.

Customize contract templates

Expertise & Experience

We have extensive experience in implementing legal technology solutions with a deep understanding of industry challenges, best practices, and market requirements.

Instant contract creation

Client-Led Innovation

We listen to the feedback of our clients and implement their suggestions to enhance user experience and ensure mutual success.

Create a contract in bulk

Configuration, Not Customization

We allows clients to tailor the platform to their unique specifications without added costs, increased timelines and without compromising on scalability and upgradability.

Ensure Contract Compliance

Future Proof Investment

With regular updates and impeccable support even post implementation, clients can stay ahead of the curve, remain competitive and future-proof their investment.

Protect your contract

Unmatched Flexibility and Control

We provides unmatched configurability, offering custom templates, third-party integrations, and numerous other functionalities.

Configure different workflows, assignment rules, and approval levels for each contract type.

Additionally, integrate RazorSign with a variety of third-party applications to link contract creation with your core business systems like CRM and ERP.

Contract Integration

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Simplicity Over Complexity

CLM Client Feedback
  • “We are using RazorSign Contract Management Solution and we are quite impressed with its utility and performance. This is really simple to implement and operate as well. It has made our contract management process really simple with many additional utilities like reminders for renewals, escalation, expiry alerts, etc.”

    Mr. Taher Ali,
    Epic’s Group Head (Legal and Secretarial)
  • “We are very pleased with RazorSign for helping us with our contract management needs. Its simple UI, unique features, and regular enhancements have positively impacted our output manifolds. We can easily manage our contracts and quickly access our contracts and their critical tasks and deadlines. We have been using RazorSign for many years and it has helped us save a tremendous amount of time and effort.”

    Vaishali Lotlikar,
    Vice President Legal, Wanbury
  • “We’ve been using RazorSign (aka PracticeLeague) platform for over 4 years to track, manage and automate our internal and regulatory Compliances, all Contracts, and Intellectual Properties across 25+ countries. The platform has helped us significantly, especially in centralizing and automating our legal and compliance portfolio in its entirety along with critical dashboards and reports.”

    Shweta Gujar Mane,
    Manager- Legal, Mega Lifesciences
  • “RazorSign has helped us automate the way we manage our contracts and has increased our output by reducing manual efforts and errors. We have been able to implement and benefit from the best practices shared by the team. The team has helped us through these times by providing an excellent platform with good service.”

    Hena Datta,
    Legal Head, MediBuddy
  • “At PepsiCo India, dozens of plant accountants and their coordinators receive letters from various authorities. With RazorSign, these documents are uploaded immediately upon receipt, enhancing near real-time visibility and tracking of statutory communications. This enables our corporate teams to efficiently address issues.”

    Payal Khanna,
    Former Associate Director, PepsiCo India Legal

But Why Choose Simplicity? Well, Here's Why!

Simplified Contract Management Soft.

Managing contracts involves intricate details. By adopting simple, straightforward contract management systems, legal departments can enhance accuracy and reduce turnaround times.

Compliance can be complex, but applying simple tools helps streamline procedures, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring adherence to regulations more efficiently.

Corporate legal departments deal with vast amounts of documentation. Simplifying document management improves accessibility, collaboration, and reduces errors, making legal work more manageable.

Time is a critical resource in legal work. Simplifying workflows and focusing on core tasks helps legal professionals manage their time more effectively and reduce stress.

Clear, straightforward communication and decision-making processes are essential. Simplified approaches ensure everyone is on the same page and can make informed decisions quickly.

Simplicity encourages creativity and innovation. By removing unnecessary complexities, legal teams can focus on developing innovative solutions to legal challenges.

Simplify Legal Transformation for
Greater Efficiency and Success.

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