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An evolved, advanced, comprehensive, yet simple platform designed for businesses that want to securely automate their document execution and management. With RazorSign e-Sign, you can sign documents electronically using a legally compliant electronic signature linked to a Unique Identification Number (UIN). You can also manage signed documents, allow online acceptance for clickwrap agreements, oversee an active contract library, and use AI tools for advanced contract intelligence.

Is Signing Digital Contracts Safe?

e-Sign has multiple options within it – you have a virtual or digital signature, DSCII and DSCIII, as well as Unique Identification Number (UIN) -based authentication. All records encrypted, and are kept in an immutable blockchain – making for additional security; and the entire solution operates within the RazorSign suite with its robust security provisions

RazorSign Digital E-Signature

Virtual & Digital

RazorSign: UIN-based e-Signature for Streamlined Security

Unique Identification Number
(UIN) -based e-Signature

RazorSign's Bulk Sign Facility & Contract Management Solution

Bulk Sign Facility

Clickwrap Agreement & Seamless Contract Management Solution

Clickwrap Agreement

DSCII and DSCIII: Advanced Digital Signature Solutions


Geolocation Tagging: Enhanced Contract Management Feature

Geolocation Tagging

 Image Capture & Simplified Document Handling

Image Capture

 Encrypted by Public Function Key for Enhanced Security

Encrypted by Public
Function Key

Advanced Integrated Versions

Legal Operations Management

A complete solution for legal teams to transform their entire legal operations. Manage all matters, queries, requests, etc. while tracking and managing legal budgets, attorney billing and legal spending across all entities and matters – on one single seamlessly interconnected platform.

RazorSign Streamlining Legal Operations Management with E-Signature Efficiency
Simplifying Compliance Portfolio Management with Efficiency

Legal & Compliance Portfolio Management

An intelligent platform that enables companies to manage statutory, regulatory, and internal compliances – allowing organizations to track their compliances diligently and enforce automated guidelines that alert internal stakeholders in case of non-adherence of any policies to take corrective action in a stipulated time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital signature can be used to sign a wide range of documents including contracts and agreements of varied nature-employment contracts, sale agreements, lease agreements, NDAs, MOU, real estate documents, among others.

Section 15 of the IT Act, 2020 categorically stipulates that an electronic signature shall be deemed to be secure wherein if, (i) the signature creation data, at the time of affixing signature, was under the exclusive control of signatory and no other person; and (ii) the signature creation data was stored and affixed in such exclusive manner as may be prescribed. Furthermore, 66C of the Act also renders punishment and penalty for identity theft, which includes electronic signatures. As the stewards of data, RazorSign ensures to handle personal data of voluntarily disclosed by the users of our e-Signature platform with utmost care and diligence and well in line with the international standards of data collection, and data retention policies. We also maintain an Audit Trail for the processing of personal data that is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

An Audit trail is electronic document containing the logs of all the activities that take place during the signing activity in a transaction on the document. Details in an audit trail include the details of the public IP of the users of the e-Signature platform, location, and the timestamp of the overall transaction. We continually improve our audit trails and use best industry practices to improve overall visibility and maintain the trust of our clients.

RazorSign handles personal data, voluntarily disclosed by clients. The data retention policy for the company is to store information for no longer than necessary and for the lawful purpose as detailed under our Privacy Policy and general terms and conditions.

All information pertaining to existing and potential clients are collected and stored following practices such as instance isolation, symmetric and asymmetric encryption techniques, one-way hashing algorithms. Data is also saved on FIPS-140-2 Level 2 compliant hardware security modules, where different security and protection methods are adopted to store information with disk-to-disk-to-tape, method.

FAQs for RazorSign E-Signature