RazorSign (e-sign)

RazorSign combines eSign with Contract Repository features to offer a superior experience without compromising on the key elements of an electronic signature solution.

Contract Repository

Store your legacy and new contracts along with relevant metadata to create a comprehensive library of agreements and documents that are signed and executed.

Unlike document storage, in Razorsign you can create tasks, track contract summary, key obligations, and important dates including expiry, renewals, payment schedules, etc.

Unlimited Signed Contracts

User-managed Term/Summary Sheet

Custom Fields

Early Warning Reminders

Alerts & Notifications

Tasks & Obligations

Unlimited Contract Types


Electronic signatures that are not limited to just standard e-Sign. Execute documents using OTP-authenticated signatures or Aadhaar Sign or legally accepted qualified signatures like DSC (II and III).

Strengthen standard electronic signatures with uniquely verifiable audit trail entries including OTP authentication, IP address capture, image capture, location tagging, or server authenticated signatures.

Unlimited Electronic Signatures



Signatory Image Capture

Unlimited Digital Signature - DSC II & DSC III

Aadhaar Signatures

Client-managed Stamp Paper Inventory

e-Sign Automation & System Administration

e-Sign Automation

Leverage advanced automation to schedule, secure, and execute the process-compliant signature process. Upload multiple party information to initiate bulk e-Sign process with the auto-assigned approval process.

System Administration

Configure and personalize the system to meet your unique requirements. Add your company logo, manage teams, user permissions, or access the application on your phone