Make your online agreements quick to accept and safe to execute.


ClickWrap agreements are the fine prints you see when you click through terms and conditions while accessing an online service. These conspicuous terms and conditions are made available to consumers during the purchase of a cloud computing service or as part of installing a piece of software, or even as you browse an online app and website. By clicking on the "I agree" button at the tail-end of the agreement, the customer grants consent to the terms.

QuickWrap agreements must comply with basic contract law to establish an enforceable contract based on specific facts and circumstances. This is necessary for the overall compliance perspective and for risk mitigation.

As eCommerce has become prevalent globally, the overall experience has to be in line with consumer expectations. The growth opportunities in global eCommerce are enormous and risks are immeasurable.


In what we call creating equal liability, Razor 365 platform provides end-to-end contract creation with integrations for compliance documentation, in a format required by law, reasonably brief, easy to understand terms, comprehensive, yet concise. We list down below some of the proven practices that QuickWrap agreements must have to ensure maximum protection.

Drafting non-porous agreements

An effective, contract that can lead to affirmative action.

Conspicuous and visible

The contract terms should cover standard terms and be presented on the screen close to the call to action, with no other distractions.

Enforceable terms

The company should draft their contract terms to ensure that they provide all information required by law, in the format required by law, while being reasonably brief and easy to read.

Information of acceptance

Informing customers of the acceptance of retained terms and disclosure automation will cover the liability in case of unequal bargaining power for the company.

Audit trail

The audit trail must record the activity and steps of the process at the time the customer’s consent was given, time and duration. easy to read.

RazorSign Process

Adding to the safety standards, an electronic signature will streamline the workflow process in matters representing large monetary value or in matters that may involve fraud.